Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Morning Briefing: Arrogance


Morning Briefing

For January 23, 2013

1.  Arrogance and Overreach

Barack Obama was able to get Obamacare passed largely because he had a group of Democrats in Congress who were not running for re-election and thus had no fear of the voters. They overreached and the Democrats were swept out to the minority in the House of Representatives. In fact, the voters in 2010 wrecked devastating losses on the Democrats nationwide.

When politicians, regardless of party, are no longer accountable to the voters they tend to do extremely arrogant things, they tend to overreach badly, and they tend to collapse.

Barack Obama is, going into his second term, already one of the most arrogant politicians in America. Remember how his team told the public unconvincingly that Barack Obama was "among the most sophisticated consumers of intelligence on the planet'? Remember how Obama viewed himself all the way back in 2008?  . . . please click here for the rest of the post

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2.  Where I Am on the Debt Ceiling Fight

We should fight on the debt ceiling, but we are not going to. Frankly, I think Pat Toomey's push for a "full faith and credit" act has hurt us. It has provided the Democrats an opportunity to spin the media that even the Republicans acknowledge we'll default if we don't raise the ceiling, which is why Toomey is doing that.

It was too clever by half.

Likewise, you have scores of conservative economists saying we must raise it. The chorus is too loud for the GOP in Congress to ignore and it will be just a small group wanting to hold ground. We will look foolish and irrational when we all pretty much admit it is going to get raised anyway.

That said, if Republicans will not pick a fight on the debt ceiling (though they should attach a number to it), they absolutely must fight on the continuing resolution. They absolutely must fight on defunding Obamacare even at the risk of a government shutdown. . . . please click here for the rest of the post

3.  Forty Years in the Wilderness

What more may we say about this day in history than that which has already been said? How can we continue to express our sorrow, our sense of loss, and of injustice? And more to the point, should we even bother?

Another Presidential election has come and gone, and the most pro-abortion President in history has been re-elected. Just yesterday a man so enamored of abortion he was unwilling to vote for punishing doctors who failed to provide medical care for children who survived abortion placed his hand on a Bible and took the oath of office for a second time, after having ridden to victory at least in part on his Republican opponent's unwillingness to even engage him on this issue for fear of backlash. Now our political betters within the beltway and without tell us that it's time to drop this issue, concede the ground and move on. Let's be about the truly important business of marginal income tax rates and deficit spending. . . . please click here for the rest of the post

4.  Brits Ban Guns at America's Largest Gun Show

The Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show announced last week that America's largest outdoor sports show will be banning "certain products" from the show.  This week it is becoming clear that they might be regretting that announcement.

Reed Exhibitions, the British company promoting and organizing the event said in a statement "this year we have made the decision not to include certain products that in the current climate may attract negative attention that would distract from the strong focus on hunting and fishing at this family-oriented event and possibly disrupt the broader positive experience of our guests." . . . please click here for the rest of the post

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