Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Today is Giving Tuesday!


We The Patriots USA needs your support,
now more than ever.

Over this past week, we have counted down
8 reasons to support
We The Patriots USA leading up to Giving Tuesday.

REASON #8: Give to We The Patriots USA
for your neighbors.

We must stand together and support each other during these extraordinary times. At We The Patriots USA we are flooded with requests for assistance. People are hurting, they are being asked (or told) to go against their personal religious beliefs, they are refused treatments, they are losing their livelihoods.

From a single mother of four about to lose her job because of the covid shot mandate, to the disabled veteran who is facing an ouster from his (fully remote) job at U.S. Customs and Border Protection, to the father of eight (with a ninth on the way) who is being forced to take the jab with only one semester of nursing school left, we are being inundated with cries for help every day. Sadly, we are turning more people away than helping people at this point, due to a lack of funding. We have accomplished amazing things with very little. Imagine what we can accomplish with some serious financial backing!

We hope you will consider supporting our efforts at We The Patriots USA, because every person should have the ability to defend themselves against tyranny, but some people don't have the funding to do so. If you have the financial ability to offer any additional support, we hope you will consider giving a gift to support your fellow citizens.

Thank you for your friendship, fellow Patriots!
Giving Tuesday is an international day of giving. It is an opportunity to take a break from the consumerism that has taken over the holiday season and focus on things that matter, philanthropic causes that are near and dear to your heart.
If you would like to discuss your philanthropic support individually,
please contact Sarah Zurales, Development Director, at sarah@wethepatriotsusa.org

Teryn Gregson Lawsuit against PGA

On Friday, November 12, 2021, the PGA Tour fired Tour Reporter Teryn Gregson. Teryn, who is 22 weeks pregnant with her second child, was fired after she requested a religious exemption to the Tour's mask and covid testing mandates. Teryn reached out to We The Patriots USA for help, and we have answered the call. We have secured counsel for her, and will be fully funding her legal expenses, with your help. The total cost of her legal fees will be $50,000.

Bill Salier Lawsuit Against Walmart

Last month we told you that we would be fully funding a lawsuit against Walmart on behalf of Bill Salier, a U.S. Marine who was denied life-saving ivermectin to treat a severe case of covid suffered by Bill and his wife. We are pleased to report that Bill and his wife officially signed the legal engagement paperwork and submitted it to our attorneys last Friday, and we have wired payment in full for $50,000 to our attorneys so they can get to work filing the complaint in court. As soon as the lawsuit is filed, we will notify you and provide you with a link to view the complaint.

New York Healthcare Workers Lawsuit at the U.S. Supreme Court

Our federal lawsuit in defense of NY healthcare workers, We The Patriots USA, Inc. et al. v. Kathy Hochul, et al. is currently pending review by the U.S. Supreme Court. We are hopeful that Justice Sotomayor will refer our petition for emergency relief to the full court, and that a decision will be issued soon. As always, we will notify you as soon as we have a decision.

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