Saturday, February 13, 2021

some good news


I know many of us are distressed by what we see going on in Washington right now.

Between theatrics on TV and new, extremist policies being introduced under the radar, there's plenty to worry about.

But God is still in control! Just yesterday afternoon, I was texting with our local leaders to encourage key Senators to vote against mandating all Americans to pay for abortions up until the moment of birth and against mandating healthcare workers to participate in abortions against their consciences.

These are uphill battles, but we are not afraid. We welcome the opportunity to stand for what is right, even when the odds are stacked against us.

And I'm very grateful to report that there's plenty of good news too!

The majority of states in our nation are now being governed by Republican Governors and/or state legislatures!

And if you look back in the the past few years, it has been these statehouses that have taken important steps to protect precious, unborn children.

So, while we continue to stand for the Constitution here in Washington and have pledged to do all we can to stop the anti-life and anti-freedom extremism of the Biden administration, our team is re-doubling all of our efforts to get Frederick Douglass Foundation (FDF) members activated in states across America.

Please take a few moments and review our SPRING 2021 FREDERICK DOUGLASS FOUNDATION STATE CAMPAIGN strategy below. If you live in one of these states and want to join us, just reply back and I'll get you connected with the FDF leader in your state.

I hope after you review our current campaign strategy that you'll be more motivated than ever to support our mission at the Frederick Douglass Foundation and consider sending a gift to allow our team to ramp up all of our efforts in these states and add in even more!

Just click here to make a $25, $50, or even $100 donation right now!

No matter who sits in the oval office, our mission doesn't stop. We're more determined than ever. I pray you're with us!

For Him,

Rev. Dean Nelson
Chairman, Frederick Douglass Foundation

Spring 2021 Frederick Douglass Foundation

Georgia: Lobbying at the capitol, letting state legislators know about FDF and our activism throughout the state, hosting a state-wide school choice forum

North Carolina: Hosting a "Paycheck Protection Program" loan seminar, lobbying at state capital, hoasting a school choice forum

Virginia: Building a state leadership team in each U.S. Congressional district, working with the VA Family Foundation and other state partners preparing for the governor's race this fall

Maryland: Organizing a pro-life lobbying at the capital, Frederick Douglass forums throughout the state, and honoring new black, Republican legislator

New York: Supporting parental rights and school choice legislation, recruiting minority candidates to run for state races

Wisconsin:  Recruiting new members, launching a school choice initiative, and hosting several Strengthening the Black Family" forums

Illinois: Building on the success of black Republican's elected in Cook county, training of activists and candidates in state, and hosting black business forums

Alabama: Launching a pro-life initiative, organizing new membership drive, and preparing for special election with Will Green

California: Working with newly elected conservative Christian mayor of Stockton, working with statewide homeschool network to provide educational options for minority students, and working with newly-elected minority U.S. Congressional candidates from California. (Rep. Young Kim and Michelle Steel)

Ohio: Building up the Jeremiah 1:5 Pro-Life Initiative, organizing a school choice forum, and visiting the state capitol

Michigan: Organizing a membership drive and starting new chapers, meeting with state legislators, and hosting community events on "Who is Frederick Douglass?"
Our mailing address is:
Frederick Douglass Foundation
801 G St. NW
Washington, DC 20001

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