Tuesday, March 26, 2019

CVTP --The Central Virginia Tea Party Press....... 3/26/19 ......... JUST SCAN THE TITLES FIRST ..... circulation 325+

       *SHARE THIS EMAIL*                   *"The only thing politicians need more than votes is ....WATCHING."

                 "Your spiritual power is second to none….. you bow to no one, only God"

Socialist Ideologues are About to Relearn a Lesson from History...Newark NJ to Study "Universal Income Plan" for Its Poor

"The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want"..that says it all.
If you turned it all over to Him, He will meet your every need... God bless

The left-wing non-profit--the Southern Poverty Law Center meltdowns...Former Staffer Admits SPLC Is a Money-making Scam

Dick Lamm: How to destroy a nation

In 1965,  Paul Harvey first broadcast the "If I Were the Devil" speech

Finland's Government Collapsed Under Weight Of Socialized Healthcare

"Turn the other cheek"   ..............      "He who can take a punch …... rules his world!"

More guns mean less crime. ...WATCH: Second Amendment Successes Coming State By State

Kentucky is now the 16th state to pass a constitutional carry law.-More guns equals less crime

Governments and dictators attending the Fourth UN Environment Assembly,
under the guise of saving the planet from supposedly dangerous humans, plastics, and free markets,
adopted declarations to hijack control of the global economy and "transform the way we live."

She may not expect wisdom from the mouths of babes, but she sure expects Democrat votes from 16 year olds.

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A must-watch.. very scary.. and how do we stop it.. our children are not safe

If you're reeling right now, don't worry, because you're not alone.

Witchcraft is thriving in the US, with an estimated 1.5 million Americans now identifying as witches - more than the total number of Presbyterians.

"The most important things in life are not what you obtain but what you learn."

...MUST WATCH by all gun owners and/or 2nd Amendment supporter...consider forwarding to others...
My Guns.....Mark Robinson "I'm the Majority" "We're gonna keep 'em, Come Hell or High Water!"

"Constitutional carry" (carrying a concealed weapon without first obtaining a permission slip from the government)

The treasury Department must fleece the American taxpayer to keep the debt bubble from bursting

House Committee voted to retain the phrase "so help you God" in the oath individuals are required to take prior to testifying before the committee.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel doubled down on demands for more globalism, both in the form of regional governance and global governance.

to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez "In 2016 alone, some 12,000 millionaires left France - highest in the world"

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