Sunday, August 26, 2018

How will you help, Robert?

Let's keep tearing down barriers. Let's make sure women and girls have every chance to reach their potential. Get to work with OFA, right now.
Organizing for Action
Robert --

Today is Women's Equality Day.

It's a day to reflect on those who helped us get here, and recognize the generations of fearless women who fought for a better America -- one where everyone is treated equally and has access to the ballot box, regardless of gender.

It's a day to celebrate how far we've come, as over the past few decades women have made strides in every facet of American life. Today, more Americans understand than ever before: Our country succeeds when women succeed.

Under President Obama, we made big strides: We passed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. We established a White House task force to protect students from sexual assault.

We passed Obamacare -- and more women gained quality, affordable health care, as insurers were no longer allowed to charge them more because of their gender.

But we're not there yet -- and today is also a day to recognize how far we still have to go. I'm asking you, Robert: How will you help?

Even at this moment, in 2018, inequality and discrimination are still here:
  • Women, on average, earn less than their male counterparts -- and for women of color, the disparity is even greater
  • Outdated workplace policies make working parents choose between fulfilling their family responsibilities, and following the careers of their dreams
  • Basic health care and contraceptive rights for women are under attack
We've worked too hard to have our progress stopped now.

So here's what we can do, Robert: Get involved before the midterms.

If you believe women deserve equal representation in Congress, volunteer from now until November for one of the many amazing women running for office in 2018.

If you believe women deserve equal pay, fight to make it happen -- organize with your friends to make sure your elected officials know how important this issue is.

And if you believe our country is better when women are given the same opportunities to succeed ... show up on November 6, 2018, and vote for candidates who believe that, too.

Let's keep tearing down barriers. Let's make sure women and girls have every opportunity to reach their potential. Let's get to work, right now:

I'm in



Traci Wile
Director of Community Engagement
Organizing for Action

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