Tuesday, August 1, 2017


We've fought off repeal attempts from the House and Senate - now, we need to stop ongoing sabotage from this administration.
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Robert --

Last week marked a huge victory in our fight to save Obamacare. Because of the grassroots pressure our movement put on key senators at their offices, at rallies, and during town halls, we defeated Mitch McConnell's dangerous repeal plan.

But Obamacare is still under attack -- and has been, for quite some time -- by this administration.

They've undercut the law at every turn since the day they took office: cutting resources for enrollment organizations with key community presences, spreading a fake narrative about how the marketplace is failing, and misusing money set aside to help drive sign-ups.

Now, we face yet another threat: The administration is threatening to refuse to make Obamacare's cost-sharing-reduction (CSR) payments -- a move that experts believe will lead to a jump of 20 percent in premium costs for millions of Americans.

This is sabotage, plain and simple. Let's make it clear to this administration: Threatening the American people to try and score a political win is wrong.

Here's the truth: Obamacare isn't perfect, but it is a success. Millions of Americans have quality, affordable health care because of it.

It's time to come to the table and build bipartisan solutions that both fully fund CSR payments, and keep the coverage and protections that millions of Americans rely on.

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Saumya Narechania
National Issues Campaign Manager
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