Monday, April 3, 2017

Here's What A Psychologist Has To Say After Analyzing Trump's Election And Its Aftermath

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Happy Monday!

My newly posted video interview is with an author and psychologist who understands cultural Marxism and where the left is pulling America. I hope you make time to listen to this 19-minute video!

Tim Daughtry, the co-author of "Waking the Sleeping Giant," was recently in Washington, D.C., for a meeting at the White House. I caught up with him afterwards.
Listen as Tim discusses:
  • How Republicans should go on offense about the Russian influence-peddling policy when contributions to the Clinton Foundation resulted in the sale of American uranium to a Putin ally,
  • Why the better way for President Donald Trump to deal with health care reform is to start right and move left for votes,
  • Soros and leftists' tactics you can see being played,
  • How American "snowflakes" on college campuses are being cheated,
  • Advice to Trump on taking on the deep state as the stakes of losing threatens the "consent of the governed."

Last week – a health care policy expert simplifies what caused a headache for Trump. Listen to Twila Brase here.

Next weekPeter Wood, president of National Association of Scholars on the state of higher education and what can be done.

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P.S. If you read ONE piece about how Trump and Republicans handle Obamacare repeal and replace, read this one about the first robin of spring!

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