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Fw: HILLARY'S MELTDOWN: Clinton 1 Hr 45 Min. Late for Speech, Has Hoarse, Raspy Voice, Seen Pacing in Lot (VIDEO)

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BREAKING NEWS! HILLARY'S MELTDOWN: Clinton 1 Hr 45 Min. Late for Speech, Has Hoarse, Raspy Voice, Seen Pacing in Lot (VIDEO)... Read the latest now on
Reality has set in for the Hillary Crime Machine and Obama thugs. They know if they cannot continue the complete takeover of America with the election of Hillary Clinton... then Donald Trump will undo everything they've done and make the liberal socialists a relic of the past who can only be found in a museum. Believe me when I say they are scared, and they should be.
First off, you're seeing it with your own eyes. The riots, cop killings and race baiting; tell me this is not a dress rehearsal for the final commandeering of America? You better get used to it, they will fight to the last man, pull every dirty trick and stop at nothing to finish their takeover of America and there's only one group standing in their way: We the People!
Time to suck it up and prepare for battle! It's going to get bloody and some are not going to make it, BUT it is our time to right the ship and throw those sons of bi**hes out of office! We've got critical deadlines that are right around the corner, and now is the time for all Tea Party patriots to stand up for America!
The fight is on! If you are a nincompoop, scaredy-cat, sidewinder or boot licking Hillary lover then do America a favor and get out of our way! America has enough backstabbers and scallywags! We need strong patriots and a lot of them! If you are ready for battle... keep reading!
Attention PATRIOTS - On January 20 at high 12:00 noon the new president will be sworn in, will it be Hillary Clinton finishing off what remains of America, commandeering our assets and burning the Constitution, or Donald Trump who's been a Tea Party favorite for the past several years? We the People must decide!
Squeeze Play: Between now and election day on Tuesday, November 8... just a few short weeks... America will be made or broken, but we are now in a position to make America great again! Are you with us?
To be quite frank, our priorities are written in stone and we are asking all our members, fellow patriots and Tea Party sympathizers to get on board... it's going to get rough so hold on!
Here's a list of our priorities:
  • Stop the Hillary Crime Machine and throw Hillary Clinton and her cohorts in jail
  • Elect Donald Trump and revive the American spirit and undo the years of damage Obama and his thugs have done to our beloved America.
This job sounds impossible but we will make it possible, this is why we need your help right now more than ever!
ACTION, ACTION, ACTION – We have worked for you in the past, lets finish the job now!
What we have done....  
  • Stormed Washington many times
  • Shipped tons of bricks to Congressman demanding "build that wall"
  • Stopped numerous Congressional gun grab bills dead in their tracks
  • Blasted tens of millions of fax pages direct to the desks of Senators and House members
  • Walked the halls of Congress countless times declaring Tea Party values
  • Signed and sent millions of open letters and petitions to Congress
  • Marched down Pennsylvania  Ave. Washington DC and many small town main streets
  • Placed millions of phone calls, mailed tens of millions of snail mail letters
  • Hammered over 2 billion emails newsletters to Tea Party Loyalists
  • Fired Congressmen and hired patriotic men and women of honor to take their place
  • Beat the I.R.S. in court
.......and so much more! Now you can see we are ready for this next fight!
Listen up; now it is time to suck it up and finish the job! We have built a solid army of patriots and inside contacts who are ready, willing and able to deploy our forces to stop the Hillary Crime Machine, but we desperately need your help!
We are now positioned to strike and strike hard! We have been busy working for We the People, now it must pay-off or all we have done will go up in flames! We have been busy! Keep reading.
Partial asset list of Patriot and Tea Party sympathizers:
  • 247 Members of the House of Representatives ready for a fight
  • 52 Members of Senate are stepping up
  • 31 Governors are cocked and ready to rumble
  • Tens of millions of Tea Party members, patriot groups and sympathetic citizens are Mad As Hell
  • Families of the victims of Illegal Alien killings are demanding justice
  • Benghazi survivors and victim families prepared for war
  • Gun loving patriots and NRA members locked and loaded
  • Dozens of PACS, Nonprofit organizations and Patriot groups deploying now
Realize, we cannot afford to lose this war; this is why we need your help now! God forbid, if we fail, freedom will be lost and America commandeered by demon crazed thugs.
Do you understand if the Hillary Crime Machine wins that fellow Tea Partiers and conservatives will be hunted down like dogs by the Obama thugs? Think I'm kidding? Look at the news and watch the riots, the cop killings and race baiting and then tell me this is not a dress rehearsal!
Tea Party must have your help now for this final push! Our team in Washington and Virginia are overworked and exhausted. Our Tea Party headquarters is buzzing with action, our phones are ringing off the hook and our nerves are wearing thin, but just like George Washington and the Revolutionary War: We must not quit, we cannot quit, we will not quit! Now you see how serious we are!
Do you understand Tea Party, Patriots and constitutional loving citizens are hated more by the Hillary Crime Machine and Obama thugs than Islamic terrorists and suicide bombers?
Here is the short list of those who hate freedom, America and the Tea Party:
  • One worlders and Global Climate Nazis
  • Socialist Goons and Obama Thugs
  • Abortion Quacks - Obamacare fat-cats
  • Master Race Baiters - Liberal Pukes
  • Illegal Aliens - Fence Jumpers
  • Gun Grabbers - U.N. Criminals
  • Hillary & Bill Clinton
In spite of the odds we are determined to win, but only with your help. America's victory is going to be worth it!
We have to put 'Balls to the Walls!' There is only a few days left before the Hillary Crime Machine finishes the commandeering of America, we must go all the way no turning back! Ready?
We must raise $46,250 by the week's end to keep on fighting! We the People MUST defeat the Hillary Crime Machine. I want to be perfectly clear, every donation will help in our fight to stop the Hillary Crime Machine and then to replenish our depleted war chest to finish the war.
Personal message:
I'm praying for 185 patriots to step up and donate $250. I don't know which one of our Tea Party loyalists can do this but we must have $46,250 by weeks end!
To be frank, we need your generous help. Will you be one of the 185 people who donate $250 or help in some way reach our goal of $46,250 by weeks end?
I'm going to be very bold and ask you once again, please donate as much as you can now. If you stand idly by thinking somebody else will carry your load, then America is repeating the same mistake of the past and depending on others to carry their load rather than using their rugged individualism.
Bottom line:
I believe in America, will you believe?
I hope for America, will you hope?
I am giving to save America, will you give?
You see, the hour is too late for me to be bashful, now is the time we have been working towards, our efforts have been combined with fellow patriots to bring America to this point of decision so We the People will stop evil and revive greatness!
I'm telling you in all sincerity the Hillary Crime Machine is an evil monstrosity of vicious hate and will bring death and destruction, this is why We the People must stop this evil now!
May God bless you and your family as He has in the past
Steve Eichler,
CEO, Tea Party
P.S. -  Please keep our Tea Party team in your hopes and prayers as we battle the Hillary Crime Machine. You know those thugs will stop at nothing to silence us including filthy acts of violence against our dear patriots. Thank you, Steve
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