Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Fw: Breaking: Hillary Caught Drunk on Video, Media Blackout

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Breaking: Hillary was just caught completely drunk on video, and it's hard to watch

This video is going crazy and the media wants to hide it! Let's make it viral!
We still haven't heard Obama's response!
This one amazing statement will SHOCK the mainstream media.

ALERT – Dem Pollster Makes MONSTER Prediction, Says 'DAM Is About to BREAK on…'
One respected pollster has seen this kind of election before!

JUST IN – Secretive Billionaire Makes HUGE Move that Could WIN The Election for Trump!
This is a true game changer.
This should worry anyone paying for their own insurance!

BREAKING: After AG Lynch Stonewalls FBI, LOOK What She's Caught Doing Now
In case you needed more reason to distrust our current attorney general...

WATCH – Did Chris Matthews Just Endorse Trump? 30-Second Video SHOCKS Hillary…
See for yourself what SHOCKING statement Chris Matthews just made.

Hillary Can't Lie Her Way Out of FBI Investigation, Does THIS Instead – It's NASTY
On Friday, FBI Director James Comey announced the reopening of the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails. On Sunday, Hillary fought back.

EXPOSED – Wikileaks Exposes Hillary As Member of THIS Secret Society
It's not the Illuminati. It's MUCH worse.
He wants to wreck our country!
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