Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Stand up for Obamacare

Organizing for Action
Robert --

When President Obama took office, this is what the picture looked like for health care in America:

-- Insurance companies could deny someone coverage because of a pre-existing condition -- and they did.

-- Young men and women were losing coverage as they moved on from school, leaving them vulnerable just as they were looking for jobs.

-- Insurers could set arbitrary lifetime dollar limits on a patient's coverage.

Obamacare changed all that.

Since it became law, 20 million Americans have gained coverage, and right now our country has its lowest uninsured rate ever recorded. Obamacare is working, and millions of families across the country now have the peace of mind they deserve.

But the push to get everyone the coverage they need isn't over. Some members of Congress are still trying to repeal the law, and not everyone knows how to get signed up for affordable care. The next open enrollment period starts two weeks from today, on November 1. It's going to be up to all of us to make sure that we're building on the success of this landmark achievement by committing to protect Obamacare, and to help as many Americans as possible find coverage.

Speak up -- say you'll defend the progress we've seen under Obamacare and keep working to make sure your friends, family, and neighbors are covered.

People like you are a big part of why so many Americans have gotten covered over the last few years, and why we've successfully beaten back attempts to roll back this progress. You helped spread the word about Obamacare to your friends. And when the critics doubled down on their anti-Obamacare rhetoric and pushed to repeal the law -- without any real solutions in place to replace it -- you spoke up.

From November 1 to January 31, Americans who want to change their plans or need coverage for next year will have the chance to review their options through the marketplace and find a plan that works for them.

Your voice has had a huge impact on the fight for quality, affordable health care.

Raise it again -- protect the progress we've made with Team Obamacare, and keep working to ensure all Americans have the safety and security of affordable health care coverage:


With your help, we can get there.



Katie Hogan
Executive Director
Organizing for Action

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