Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Fw: Hillary Panicking After Video of Bill is Discovered, This is Gross


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There is NO WAY we can let this happen!
This will teach him a lesson!
Elijah Cummings thinks he knows the history of his party, but he is horribly mistaken!

Clinton Intern Exposes SICK Thing Bill Keeps On Top Floor of His Library – Hillary Is FURIOUS!
THIS NBA star chose the worst place to start protesting!

WATCH – Black Couple BRUTALLY Attacks Elderly White Neighbors For THIS Sick Reason
James Woods just crushed Hillary Clinton with THIS one tweet!

LOCK THEM UP!! 'Black Lives' Thugs Just Did Something SICK to Trump's New Hotel
Hillary and her liberal crew are NOT happy about this! It's AWESOME!

WATCH – Mike Huckabee Just Used the 'S-word' To Describe Hillary, And People LOVED It!
Huckabee shocks everyone by using the s-word!
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