Saturday, August 13, 2016

News you can share: Judicial wars, family leave, energy savings, and more

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Judicial System

Did Obama win the judicial wars?

Obama has appointed more women, blacks or Hispanics than any other president, more Asian-Americans than all previous presidents combined. In his second term, he's also pushed for professional diversity beyond the usual mix of state judges, prosecutors and corporate lawyers, putting more former public defenders on the appeals courts than all his predecessors combined. Read full article...

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Economic Opportunity

The Labor Department is pushing states to create their own paid family leave programs

As American women surged into the workforce -- female breadwinners now support about 40 percent of households -- companies started adding paid leave as a way to attract and retain talent. Fifty-eight percent of large U.S. firms offer some paid maternity leave, a 2014 Labor Department study found. But only 12 percent of all private sector workers receive paid family leave to care for a newborn or ailing relative, government data shows. Read full article...

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Energy & Climate

Obama has done more to save energy than any other president

Overall, the administration's regulations are set to save Americans an estimated $ 540 billion in electric and other bill expenditures through the year 2030. Naturally, these changes also are projected to cut greenhouse gas emissions -- by about 210 million tons annually for the period. Read full article...

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Study suggests Affordable Care Act is improving health

A study published Monday in JAMA Internal Medicine offers another way of looking at the issue. Low-income people in Arkansas and Kentucky, which expanded Medicaid insurance to everyone below a certain income threshold, appear to be healthier than their peers in Texas, which did not expand. Read full article...

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Judicial System

Editorial: Fill Supreme Court vacancy: Our view

Congress failing to act isn't exactly breaking news. It's tied in knots on a range of issues, from the budget and trade to creating jobs and controlling guns. But flat-out ignoring a vacancy on the nation's highest court, which Senate Republicans have vowed to do while President Obama remains in office, is an abrogation of its constitutional duty. Read full article...

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