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Good News

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ECONOMY & MARKETS | August 27, 2016

Good News

By Shannon Sands, Publisher, Dent Research

I'm so excited, I can barely contain my enthusiasm…

I've been working behind the scenes to ensure this year's Irrational Economic Summit is the go-to financial event of the year.

This week I secured two more highly visible, keynote-worthy guests to join our speaker line-up this October 20-22.

Along with the Honorary David Walker, ex Comptroller General of the U.S. and head of the U.S. Government Accountability Office…

Lacy Hunt, Executive VP of Hoisington Investment Management Company, which has $4.5 billion under management…

And Raoul Pal, Founder of Real Vision TV and ex Goldman Sachs Co-Manager of the hedge fund sales business in equities and equity derivatives in Europe…

We now also have Howard Lindzon, legendary angel investor, entrepreneur and provocateur – not to mention the guy behind Stocktwits! – who will discuss "How Markets in Turmoil are Opportunities"… he'll even tell you the top fintech companies to consider for your portfolio.


George Gilder (who was a hit at our 2013 summit)! George's newest book and topic of his presentation – The Scandal of Money: Why Wall Street Recovers but the Economy Never Does – couldn't be more fitting for our event. His presentation in 2013 was one of the only times in my 18 years in this business that I've seen anyone get a 10-minute standing ovation from all 400 people in attendance.

Of course, we're excited for you to meet and hear from all of our speakers this October, but we're especially pleased that Howard and George have agreed to join us.

So, if you haven't yet reserved your seat at our Irrational Economic Summit, do so now. These guys are a must-see and must-meet!

Until then, let's look at what we talked about this week at Dent Research…

On Monday, August 22, Harry wrote to 5 Day Forecast readers about the perverts who have hijacked the economy, how stocks or gold won't save you, and what you can do to improve your investment successes.

Some people didn't like Harry using bad language. That's unfortunate because if you've ever met Harry or heard him speak, you know that he is a very passionate, outspoken man. To censor Harry for the sake of a few sensitive souls would do you a disservice. With all due-respect, we'd prefer you hear it like it is, or you may as well just be reading The Wall Street Journal.

Later that day, Harry broached another super-sensitive topic: the election. In the Economy & Markets email to you, he warned that if Trump loses the election come November – which looks likely at this point – we could be facing civil war.

That's because Trump's movement is born out of a deep dissatisfaction among the middle and lower classes in this country. Their standard of living has gone nowhere since the early 1970s, and has actually gone down since 2000 when you adjust for inflation.

But Harry raised an even bigger concern: that Trump's main goal is not to win the election, but instead to form a major new media network… and it looks like he's already hired the two people he needs to accomplish this. We could be witnessing a major coop in the making…

You've got to read this article if you missed it on Monday.

On Tuesday, August 23, Adam wrote to his Cycle 9 Alert subscribers about the opportunities he sees in the healthcare sector. Having recently instructed Boom & Bust subscribers to bank profits on an investment that Adam's algorithm alerted us to two years ago, we're also about to add a healthcare play to our model portfolio. It seems there are some fantastic hotspots in the sector, as well as some very dangerous spots you're going to want to avoid. Adam will share some more details with you on Monday, so don't miss it.

On Wednesday, August 24, Rodney expressed to his Triple Play Strategy subscribers the frustration we're all feeling right now at being back on the Fed-watching hamster wheel.

Central bankers from around the world met in Jackson Hole this week, and investors hung on every word.

As Rodney wrote: "Why, we don't know. Bankers have been wrong about, well, everything, and yet they keep pursuing failed strategies and telling us how wonderful things will be at some point in the future. Unfortunately, the future is now, and we don't have economic growth. Instead, we have several asset bubbles on the verge of bursting."

And that afternoon Lance, Editor of Treasury Profits Accelerator, wrote to you about how you can make the best trade ever. Over. And Over. And Over. He made it seem so simple. You've got to give that article a read.

On Thursday, August 25, John instructed his Forensic Investor subscribers to sell-short a household name… again!

He noted:

Last week, we reached stock market insanity. [The targeted company] reported earnings for its third quarter and while they topped estimates, they included some one-time items and a lot of massaging of the numbers. On the top-line, revenue fell short of expectations by about $200 million, and guidance was revised to include equipment sales falling 10% for the year versus previous expectations of 9%. Yet, somehow, the stock rallied over 13% on the news. It seems Wall Street was willing to overlook a terrible quarter… because the outlook for future quarters was improved due to major cost cutting. So, basically the business is melting away but earnings will improve by cutting costs and lowering the effective tax rate. Great way to play defense!

And on Friday, August 26, Harry showed you evidence that the global real estate bubble is officially bursting. Singapore real estate has declined 21.5% over the last few years and Vancouver real estate is down 24% in just five months!

The question now is… who's next? Read the article here to see what Harry thinks.

We're also finishing up the September issue of Boom & Bust, which we'll be emailing to subscribers on Monday. The print edition will arrive in mail boxes across the country in a week or two.

In this latest issue, Harry gives his subscribers an exclusive preview of the Bubble Model he has developed. It's crazy accurate. Definitely something you're going to want to see. So watch out for your latest issue. If you're not yet a subscriber, but would like to give a risk-free trial subscription a go, simply fill out this form.

That wraps it up for this week.

Shannon Sands
Publisher, Dent Research

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