Wednesday, January 6, 2016

GOP still knocking on Romney's door?

GOP still knocking on Romney's door?

Mitt Romney said he's still being encouraged to run for president in 2016, even by a fellow Republican candidate already in the race. But he isn't interested. "Every day I get a call or letters," Romney told the Washington Post. "I go to church, I get harangued at church. 'Oh, you've got to run!' Look, I had one person who was running for president, and I won't give you the name."

New Year assaults by migrants spark fresh debate in Germany

A string of sex assaults and robberies during New Year's celebrations in Germany has fuelled debate about the country's ability to integrate large numbers of migrants, after police said that men who targeted dozens of women in the western city of Cologne appeared to be of "Arab or North African origin."

The Tearful Dictator

The tyrant cries. While announcing his new slate of gun control measures designed to pave the way for a national gun registration regime, President Obama welled up in a press conference on Tuesday. He'd spent nearly half an hour berating Republicans, American voters and the National Rifle Association for their supposed intransigence in failing to embrace his executive actions.

New Stimulus Program Surrenders Your Savings to the Banks

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The World Bank's Latest Move to Kill the U.S. Dollar

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Trump calls rival Ted Cruz's Canadian birth 'precarious'
U.S. Republican candidate for the 2016 presidential race Donald Trump said Tuesday rival Ted Cruz's Canadian birth was "precarious" for the Republican party and would make the Texas senator vulnerable if he received the party's nomination for president.

Religious nonprofits take aim at Obamacare mandate
If the "opt-out" process in the government's health care mandate is a burden on churches, it's also a burden on religious nonprofits, a private Beaver Falls college and other faith-based nonprofits argue in a brief filed this week with the Supreme Court.

Prez action on firearms could spark court battle
President Obama's new executive actions on gun control -- with expanded background check requirements and boosted federal enforcement of gun laws -- will face swift legal challenges that could land before the U.S. Supreme Court, and trigger an election-year firestorm.

Ted Cruz -- Invasion
GOP presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz talks about immigration as a "personal economic" issue in his latest ad.

Election Should Be About Restoring the American Vision
Year-end surveys convey a picture of disillusionment and cynicism among Americans about their government and their country.

Progressive group pushes for ouster of DNC chair
A progressive group has collected 24,000 signatures on a petition calling for the ouster of DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

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Shares of gun makers soar as Obama tightens firearm rules

Trump to Hillary: If guns don't keep you safe, disarm your bodyguards

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