Monday, October 19, 2015

Put me over the top?


My campaign's deadline to raise the $200,000 we need to begin plastering Iowa's radio and TV ads ahead of the next Republican Debate is just over 24 hours from right now.

We're inching closer every second...

But I'm counting on a last-minute surge of momentum from good folks like you to help put me over the top.

Will you please agree to your most generous gift of $20.16 or more right away to bust through the media blackout and help put us over the top?

As Big Government GOP establishment candidates are looking weaker by the day -- and Hillary Clinton's campaign flounders -- the national media is doing whatever they can to turn the 2016 Republican Presidential race into a sideshow.

The last thing they want is a tried-and-true Republican presidential nominee with a history of standing up to the Washington Machine and winning!

Whether it's forcing the Obama administration to back down on the use of drones targeting U.S. citizens on American soil, President Obama's attempt to rush to ISIS' aid in Syria -- or forcing the worst of the so-called "PATRIOT Act's" provisions to expire, I have proven I will stand up to anyone in either party to uphold my oath of office.

The Washington Machine knows the concrete plans I've laid out throughout this campaign would usher in a limited government revolution that would shake Washington, D.C. to its core, including:

*** My plan to institute a 14.5% flat tax, and return $2 TRILLION to the American people, isn't just designed to get our economy moving and create jobs.

It's designed to END the IRS, blow up our current tax code and force government to live within its means! No other candidate's tax plan comes close.

*** My plan to impose term limits in Washington, D.C. isn't just designed to change a few faces in Congress.

It's designed to clean house of ALL Big Government career politicians in BOTH parties!

*** My plan to force Congress to read the bills they pass isn't just designed to force members of Congress to stop passing thousand-page bills at the last-minute.

It's designed to END lobbyists' grip on Washington, D.C. by ensuring they can't chock massive spending bills full of taxpayer-funded goodies and "deals" for their special interest cronies!

*** My plan to audit the Federal Reserve isn't just designed to ensure more transparency of our nation's central bank.

It's designed to STOP Fed-created economic bubbles, and wipe out the culture of insider loans, bailouts and cronyism that are ravaging our nation's finances!

If elected, I will fully REPEAL ObamaCare, secure our borders, tell government snoops to spy on the terrorists -- not innocent Americans -- and restore the entire Bill of Rights.

But I'm counting on you to help me break through the media blackout and help me go straight to Iowa voters with a flood of TV and radio ads ahead of the next Republican debate.

Will you please agree to a generous gift of $20.16 or more today?

Help me bring my message of liberty straight to Iowa voters.

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In Liberty,

Rand Paul

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