Saturday, October 10, 2015

FWPAC Update: McCarthy is Out!



WOW. I cannot believe what’s happened in the last several weeks, and I wanted to kick off this week’s newsletter by talking about the man who started it all:

Rep. Mark Meadows

At this point, I think it’s safe for us to call Rep. Meadows a giant slayer. His resolution to remove Boehner forced Boehner’s resignation. And just this week Boehner’s chosen heir had to withdraw. Mark Meadows is clearly making a difference in DC, but unfortunately that same success is causing him a lot of problems. You see, Boehner’s old cronies have a long memory, and they’re actively trying to recruit a primary challenger. In fact, Meadow’s principled stances are only going to put him in more danger.

But Mark Meadows doesn’t care; he’s keeping this fight for freedom alive in Washington, DC. And he is still hard at work, fighting to enact real change in the House, change that would allow conservative Members of Congress to pass real principled legislation. Change that would put them in charge of the agenda.

I hope you’ll help protect Rep. Meadows out here!

Rep. Ron DeSantis

Rep. DeSantis has been all over Fox News, you’ve probably seen him, along with other members of the House Freedom Caucus, DeSantis fought hard to beat Boehner and stop Kevin McCarthy, and he accomplished both of those goals in the past few weeks. In addition to that, he’s been fighting to get to the bottom of the latest in Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. In fact, he was just on Fox News talking about it!

And on top of all of his hard work in the House, DeSantis, is running for the Senate in Florida.

With Senator Marco Rubio running for President, it’s absolutely crucial that conservatives hold this seat. And Rep. Ron DeSantis is keeping this election competitive. Recent polling shows that he’s in a statistical tie in the fight for the Republican Nomination.

And on top of that he’s in the running to win the General Election, especially if he faces Rep. Alan Grayson. You may remember Rep. Grayson, he’s the liberal Democrat who said the Republican health care plan is to “die quickly,” and compared the tea party movement to the KKK. We cannot let him, replace Senator Rubio. If you’re interested in supporting Rep. DeSantis’ senate campaign you can do so here.

Rep. Tim Huelskamp

Rep. Huelskamp has been hard at work organizing the fight to clean up Washington DC, and pass principled Conservative legislation. And like other members of the House Freedom Caucus, he’s winning. But unfortunately that very success has its own consequences. You see, his primary opponent is hard at work raising money from the DC insiders (the old Boehner crony network). And if you want to know how liberal Roger Marshall (the man trying to beat Tim Huelskamp) is, let me tell you this, he has not pledged to repeal ObamaCare. We cannot let that man defeat a principled conservative like Tim Huelskamp.

You can help out Rep. Huelskamp by clicking here.

I can’t wait to get you another update next week. And let’s hope that our good news keeps coming.

In 2016, you and I will show the world that freedom works better than anything else.

Adam Brandon

Chairman, FreedomWorks PAC



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