Sunday, December 5, 2021

Help Us Protest the CV19VX Mandate - Wednesday 8 December 2021

Fellow Members of the King George TEA Party:

Forwarding the latest regarding the COVID-19 mandate grassroots and protest effort.  Again, please make every effort to attend one of these protests in solidarity with our concern for unconstitutional government mandates.  Here is an indicator that there is legal basis for declaring the vaccine mandates beyond the federal government's authorization:

Judge Blocks Portions of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Vaccine Mandate (US)

Come support this important effort!!!

James Hull
King George TEA Party
King George, Virginia

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From: "Jeremiah Hansen" <>
Subject: Protest information
Date: December 5, 2021 at 1:16:38 AM EST

Here is a summary from the last protest, and the flier for the next one. We are trying a Wednesday protest this week, and the next week is scheduled for Tuesday for a VIP.
We Stand Together,
Nov. 30 Summary
The protests on Nov. 30 were defined by the reactions of the drivers. We have gotten used to rude gestures, shaking of heads, and some amount of disdain during the protest and afterwards. Today was a totally different day. The number of negative responses for both morning and evening maybe rated a dozen or so. The positive responses, however, were absolutely through the roof! There wasn't a 5 minute gap in the morning where drivers were not honking, waving, giving a thumbs up, etc. In many cases, they were interacting with us before we were able to interact with them! The afternoon had fewer horns but just as many waves and thumbs up. Our afternoon cheer leader gave away all of her Constitutions before 4:30! Everyone of us commented how different today was. It was a great day to protest, and awesome to see the positive change!
The protests are starting to change minds and spread the word. Every protest has someone thanking us for being out there. Many of them are in the same boat as we are, and showing them they aren't alone makes a change for the better. I have been told that people who were on the edge of giving in to the coercive mandate. However, they reconsidered because they saw our protests and website. Those are folks who are no longer alone and aren't in turmoil. That's a powerful testimony to the effort. 
This is a marathon, and the responses we were getting today are showing that we are gaining momentum while the mandate is starting to fade. This is the time to make it to a protest, write your congressman, or even a letter to the editor. Any one thing won't do it alone. When taken together, the impact of all of those things will move things in the right direction. When we stand united, we will prevail.

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  1. GREAT!!!! Now let's end the requirement for kids, before they start school, to be vaccinated against polio, mump, measles, smallpox, diphtheria, whooping cough . . . .

    Meanwhile . . . when did James Hull, Chair of King George County Tea Party, get out of jail? Last I heard, he was arrested for his part in storming the US Capitol and assaulting police officers during the Jan 6 terrorist attack on our democracy.