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KGTP: Forwarding GiveSendGo Request

Fellow Members of the King George TEA Party:

Per James Davis' request, I am forwarding the below e-mail to all and I encourage you to support his legal defense.

Date: August 7, 2021 at 2:18:56 AM EDT
To: James Hull
Subject: Give Send Go Authorized by Attorney

Mr. Hull,
Please feel free to share the entire email:
I have been given approval by my Attorney to release this video below, which is public knowledge (but liberal media doesn't want you to see), and he has approved my statement in the donation request and approved me sharing this link to GiveSendGo donation request. 

GiveSendGo - OIF Wounded Vet Attorney Court Fees for Jan 6th: The #1 Free Christian Fundraising Site.
Per my attorney's advice, to provide my best defense, until I am cleared, I am being advised to not participate in any Tea Party, or Republican Party meetings or functions; given the very politically charged prosecution and the problem with unfortunately my very public prior association with VA Proud Boys, which I have completely severed ties with after Jan 6, 2021 when I woke up and learned that they do not align with my Christian values. I am laying as low as possible, towing the line and praying that I will be cleared of all charges. I am however allowed to receive donations from Friends, which include members of the Tea Party as long as the donations are not due to my prior Tea Party membership. I am ready for this all to be over with and the ability to return to my FREEDOMS! 
Per my attorney's advice, I am also being advised to not make myself a larger target of the Prosecution by talking to the media, politicians, or Fox News Tucker, Dan Bongino, Ingraham Angle, or sharing at a political event or conference; at least until this is all over with.
Per my attorney's advice, I am not able to discuss any specific details about my case or try to prove my guilt or innocence. Anyone I discuss my case with could be called as a witness, so I don't want anyone else to be tied up with this.
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Capitol Hill Police Ignore Body of Trump Supporter Either Unconscious or Dead Outside Capitol Building on January 6th

GiveSendGo - OIF Wounded Vet Attorney Court Fees for Jan 6th: The #1 Free Christian Fundraising Site.

James Davis, a Sinner who is SAVED by the Mercy and Grace of our Lord and Savior, JESUS CHRIST; is an OIF Combat Wounded Veteran who needs to raise at a min $25,000.00 for Attorney Fees and Other Court Expenses due to his involvement in the outside protest on the Lower West Terrace on the U.S. Capitol Grounds that was closed to the public on Jan 6, 2021.

James has served in the US Marine Corps as a Military Police, IL Army National Guard, and Active Duty Army in Field Artillery, where he was exposed to Nerve Agent and other Toxins wounded in Combat OIF Kuwait Iraq in Nov 2001-Apr 2002, first troops on the ground after 9/11/2001. On Jan 6, 2021, this Combat Wounded Veteran and Hard Core Patriot, went to Washington, DC to support President Trump at his final Trump Rally. 

Per the advice of his attorney, I am not able to go into further details.

Now that he has been charged with a Felony and several Misdemeanor Charges due to his participation at the Capitol on Jan 6, 2021, he had to pay $5,000.00 Attorney Retainer Fee, and agreed to the required $25,000.00 flat rate Attorney Fee for being charged with a Felony, even if he is cleared and the charges are dismissed, he will owe at a min $25,000.00 Attorney Fee, not including other court costs. Because of the agreement he signed with the attorney, if he could not afford the attorney and instead had to continue with a public defender, not only would he not have an attorney fighting as hard for the best outcome for James and his medical conditions, he would still owe most if not all of the $25,000.00 to the attorney who has already been working very diligently on his case. 

James' combat wounded exposures from OIF Kuwait/Iraq in March 2002, have left him with severe disabling Narcolepsy with Cataplexy Temporary Paralysis, Mobility issues, Severe Disabling Sleep Apnea, Arthritis, TBI, PTS, Temporal Lobe Seizures, Cognitive Decline, Short Term Memory Loss, and other unknown Neurological Disorders. Due to his Severe Medical Disabilities, Narcolepsy with Cataplexy, he has been medically retired from the Civilian service Federal Govt. and is no longer able to work. Only the Grace of God and Rocky Mountain Hyperbaric Association Healing our Heroes Program have been able to keep him from having to constantly use a walker or wheelchair, and that treatment only lasts for 1-2 years before he rapidly declines again. For the most part he is able to use a collapsible cane, which he always uses and has with him; and on the very rare best day he can walk or even in extremely rare cases run. But, his condition varies so much and without much warning, especially after doing too much physically, he can go from walking with a cane, or even in very rare cases running, into an immediate collapse; which is exactly what occurred on Jan 6, 2021. This video link below shows James collapsing into a police officer after running up the grass hill on the Capitol lawn into a cloud of tear gas and mass confusion, which he was doing to give First Aid to a down Vietnam Veteran fellow Marine that he heard had collapsed in the crowd. Although we cannot see everything James said or did to prove his innocence or guilt of the charges he is facing, you can see the end result of how James has collapsed.

(WARNING: this video is graphic and is filmed by an instigator, who says very derogatory things, rebuking the Police misusing God's name, urging the crowd to take the Officers helmets and shields and use their weapons against them, and viciously fights the Brave Police Officers, as you can see when the screen goes black, and cheers when they get hurt.) Something James definitely condemns! He wishes he was allowed to say more to prove his case and tell his side.

[Scroll down to the video under the bold letters: "The police ignore the man and some fellow Trump supporters carry him away. The man is not moving at all."

At 6:07 in the video until the end 8:48, you can see a lifeless body, James Davis, who has collapsed into a Temporary Paralysis state and is instead himself being rescued and given First Aid by Trump supporters. Unfortunately, the police were in a tactical retreat for their own safety and were not able to provide First Aid to James, or I am definitely sure they would have.

(EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Capitol Hill Police Ignore Body of Trump Supporter Either Unconscious or Dead Outside Capitol Building on January 6th

Since Jan 6, 2021, James has left groups he was once affiliated with that were not consistent with his Christian values, and refocused his efforts back on his Wife and Faith, and seeking the best for Virginia and America and for Veterans. He has also more importantly focused his efforts back to his Faith returning to Church and joining a weekly Online Bible Study and looking for opportunities God presents to him to share the Good News of Jesus Christ's Love and Saving Grace to everyone he talks with or meets.

John 3:16, For God so Loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.

We are ALL sinners SAVED by the Grace and Love of Our Lord and Savior, JESUS CHRIST! James shared with his Bible study group recently, that on July 28th while in jail for a few hours waiting on his arraignment, he prayed for the Police Officers, the FBI, and the Guards and their families for their safety and protection, and for the opportunities those Christians have to share Jesus with those arrested. James also prayed for the inmates that day in Cell Block C, hardened gangsters talking about being in jail again for stealing cars, robbing banks, driveby shootings, who were in tears knowing the mistakes they had made separated them from their wives/girlfriends and children, even babies they wouldn't see born. He prayed for Jesus to give them peace, comfort their despair, and that the Prodigal Sons would return to JESUS, and those who did not know JESUS, would pray for repentance and ask JESUS to Forgive their sins and ask JESUS to begin a dwelling place in their hearts. James is actually somewhat at peace, if it is God's will that he serve time and minister to inmates and guards and share JESUS in the darkest of places; then Here I am Lord, Send Me. That is how strong his Faith is becoming again, in just a few months of Bible Study. And we have Faith, that no matter what we face in the future, God will provide for us, as he does the birds in the air and fish in the sea.

After turning himself into the FBI, he was released on his own recognizance, most likely due to his medical conditions. He was already having trouble walking after falling asleep Narcolepsy with Cataplexy on our trip back home and then to DC. However, during his short few hour stay in DC Cell Block C; because he had fallen asleep a few minutes, the additional Cataplectic Temporary Paralysis attack caused him to barely be able to talk or walk even with two canes, and without a CPAP machine, he would stop breathing and it caused a Temporal Lobe Seizure that unfortunately the guards were unaware of. So, if he was convicted and had to serve time in jail, the medical issues alone would be devastating without the continued VA Medical Care he would lose until he is released. Not to mention what his wife would be going through not able to afford the necessary care she needs as a Kidney transplant patient with very serious medical problems; if he loses the greatest portion of their income, the VA Disability Pay and Social Security Disability Pay and Medicare.

For all of these reasons, it is crucial to keep this attorney that is actively working the case. His attorney was already able to convince the prosecution and judge to let him be released instead of spending time in jail suffering with medical issues that would be difficult to care for without medical care by a nurse or doctor. This attorney is the best chance for James to be cleared of these charges and be released. And for James to maintain his crucial Patriotic American U.S. Citizen right to VOTE in upcoming elections, which he would lose with a Felony Charge.

Without your donation, James and Christy are facing an uphill financial battle to come up with $25,000.00 or more for attorney fees and court costs, not to mention the loss of critical pay and medical care. Even with the tightest budget, it is going to be almost impossible to pay the attorney fee without some assistance and donations from Patriots and Christians like you. Before the trial is even over with, they could possibly lose everything including their house and car just trying to pay the attorney fees. And if God forbid, he is convicted of a charge and spends 30 or more days in jail, his Social Security Disability and our Medicare stop until he is released, and if convicted of a Felony and serve 60 or more days in jail, his 100% Total and Permanent VA Disability Pay and Medical care; the greatest part of his monthly income, come to a screeching halt until he is released, which could be 6 years or more if they sentence him to the max on his Felony and Misdemeanor charges.. 

Please help out this family of Patriots, who have already experienced hardships in both of their medical conditions; and have given so much on the altar of Freedom. Your donation will make this difficult time of legal and financial struggle a little more bearable, and give hope to a family who desperately needs your love and support and prayers. 

Thank you for your Prayers, Love, and Support. God Bless You and Your Family!

Your Brother and Sister in Christ,
James and Christy Davis

I welcome any questions or comments you may have.

James Hull
King George TEA Party
King George, Virginia

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