Wednesday, December 2, 2020

spiritual attack


You know that old phrase, "everything that could go wrong went wrong..."

Well, that sums up my day yesterday pretty well...which is why I'm emailing you again this morning.

I know yesterday your inbox was probably flooded with donation requests for national #GivingTuesday, as it's a huge day for most non-for-profit organizations as it literally determines hiring and programming decisions for the upcoming year.

And, yesterday, I was counting on a lot of support to come in to help our team at the Frederick Douglass Foundation (FDF) to meet an ambitious $30,000 #GivingTuesday Matching Grant Challenge... which would give us $60,000 to run head-first into the our "Save the Senate" Georgia run-off door-knocking campaign.

But yesterday was a challenge both for me personally and our team at FDF where so many little things went wrong, including annual maintenance that we didn't know was happening. This resulted in our website being taken offline for several hours while dozens of folks were trying to make donations to be DOUBLED.

As a result, we didn't meet our $30,000 Matching Challenge. 

But we can TODAY as I just got off the phone with our supporter in Georgia who generously offered the $30,000 Match, and he's agreed to extend the deadline for TODAY ONLY!!

So, can you prayerfully consider making a belated #GivingTuesday donation of $15, $30, $100, or even $500 today?

As you know, we need to knock on every single door we can between now and Tuesday, January 5th to ensure we can have a firewall in the U.S. Senate to block the most extreme aspects of the Biden-Harris-Pelosi agenda that very well may flood Washington, D.C. next month.

Robert, I'm talking about tax-payer funded abortions up until birth, severe financial and civil punishments for business owners who refuse to violate their faith, endless investigations into the last 4 years of President Trump's administration, and a complete overhaul of our already-taxed healthcare system that will result in long delays and rationing of care for the most vulnerable.

And this list goes on and on...

In 2021, I know we will face an uphill battle, but our team has never been more ready with trained leaders and volunteers in states across America…and this is all thanks to you.

For Him,

Rev. Dean Nelson
Chairman, Frederick Douglass Foundation

P.S. – We have graciously received an extension on our #GivingTuesday $30,000 Matching Challenge. Can you donate now to ensure your donation is DOUBLED? If you give $25 or more, you'll even receive a $5, $10, or $15 OFF Gift Card to our Frederick Douglass-themed store!


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