Monday, November 16, 2020

Stop Chuck Schumer's Plans for the Senate


I'm proud to say that when I lived in Georgia that I was part of the movement to flip the Georgia state legislature from Democrat to Republican and helped elect a record number of Black Conservatives to the state house. 

And what I see happening in my former home state with the recount of the Presidential election on-going and the two U.S. Senate Run-Off Elections scheduled for January 5th, is heartbreaking. 

We have to take Georgia back.

Can you chip in right now to help me send a team of Frederick Douglass Foundation (FDF) volunteers down to Georgia right now? We need to start knocking on doors for the TWO U.S. Senate Run-Off Elections ASAP.

I know we can win because we know the state.

But make no mistake about it: Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi have a radical plan to transform our nation.

With the mainstream media already calling the presidential election for Joe Biden, they are no longer hiding it. 

And their radical plans are all coming down to how Georgia votes on January 5th, Hollywood elites and the radical political left are pouring money into Georgia left and right, ensuring this is going to be the most expensive U.S. Senate elections, ever.

Already, they are openly bragging about their plans if they succeed to...
  • Pack the Supreme Court to ensure our pro-life majority disappears and Roe will never be threatened.
  • Reverse the Hyde Amendment to force all Americans to pay for abortions in all 9 months of pregnancy.
  • Roll Back Key Religious Freedom Protections to force Americans of faith and conscience to violate deeply held beliefs in order to practice medicine or provide healthcare for their employees.
If Joe Biden is declared the official victor after all of the lawsuits and recount efforts are over this December, we will only have one hope to stop this extremist plan...

We must Save the Senate and ensure Republicans maintain the majority control. 

So, Robert, despite going for broke in October, I've challenged our FDF team to launch a massive effort to recruit volunteers to knock on 100,000 doors before January 5th.
Can you pitch in today with an EMERGENCY GIFT of $25, $50, or even $500 to help me reach our $150,000 goal in the next couple of weeks before we launch our 100,000 Doors to Save the Senate campaign in Georgia?

Please keep praying for our team as we launch this campaign.
In His Service,

Rev. Dean Nelson
Chairman, Frederick Douglass Foundation
P.S. – I've budgeted out all of our costs and expenses for the next month for our 100,000 Doors to Save the Senate campaign, and the great news is I believe it will only cost $1.50 per door, per family we reach with our volunteers. Can you pitch in right now?
Our mailing address is:
Frederick Douglass Foundation
801 G St. NW
Washington, DC 20001

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