Friday, October 26, 2018

WATCH: Why we do this work

You've been Organizing for '18 for so many reasons. Watch this video and get inspired for this push to Election Day.
Organizing for Action
Pete --

For the past two years, you've worked your heart out.

You have given everything to make sure our country reflects the values that you care about. You have talked to your friends and family members. You have marched. You've showed up at your representative's office and at town halls. You have held trainings. And today, you continue to knock on doors and make phone calls to make sure that voters are ready to get to the ballot box.

You have proven this: OFA is only as powerful as the people who choose to get involved in this movement.

With just 11 days until Election Day, we want you to see the impact that you've had, and hold strong to what we need to do before November 6.

Watch and share this video:

Here's why we do our work. Join us: Volunteer.

People from throughout the country joined the team for a variety of different reasons: To protect their health care. To fight back against gerrymandering. To stand with women and LBGTQ communities. To elect better representatives nationwide.

But whatever the reason, one thing has been true: The grassroots energy and communities of action these volunteers and supporters have built since the program's launch has been awe-inspiring.

There are only 11 days until Election Day -- and there is a lot of work to be done.

Everything we care about -- education, affordable healthcare, gun violence reduction, environmental protection, women's rights, to name a few -- is on the line on November 6. And we need to make sure we do everything in our power to elect candidates who will stand up for these issues.

But we can only do that with your help. Get involved and volunteer in this final push.




Bobby Brady-Sharp
Field Director
Organizing for Action

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