Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Something is changing:

A week from now, I hope to be watching the people of Southwestern Pennsylvania proving to all these outside folks who spent millions to buy an election that their money was wasted.
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Robert --

I write this to you after having spent some time in Pennsylvania talking to folks about Conor Lamb.

This special election on March 13th has attracted a lot of attention. It's amazing how much outside money from the Republicans has poured into Pennsylvania.

We're talking about $10 million in negative ads. All paid for by the biggest special interests in America.

Do you think the fat cats in Washington are spending that money to elect a Congressman who works for the people in that district? Or do you think they might be spending that money to buy a lawmaker who works for them?

Conor has withstood one of the biggest barrages of negative ads anyone has ever seen in a campaign for Congress -- and he's still standing.

Now part of that is because he's a Marine.

But the other reason he's still standing is because of people like you. The grassroots energy out there is palpable. You can just feel it. The people of Southwestern Pennsylvania are proving one of the oldest rules in politics -- that passion and commitment at the grassroots will beat big money every time.

And they're proving one other thing: If you're going to come to Southwestern Pennsylvania and try to steal a congressional seat, you'd better bring more than just money. Because you're going to be in for the fight of your life.

This is just the beginning.

I'm going to spend this year going everywhere I can to help more candidates like Conor -- honest, courageous leaders who hold themselves accountable to the people they represent and nobody else. If you're with me, then help me get there by giving $10 or whatever you can today. It all matters.

Let me tell you about Conor Lamb for a moment. He's a Marine. He's a former federal prosecutor. This is a guy who knows what it means to be a public servant.

He believes we can't just watch a generation of people be lost to the heroin and opioid crisis.

He believes in education -- and that we have a responsibility to create jobs you can raise a family on -- whether you get a college degree or not.

He knows that Medicare and Social Security aren't entitlements. They are benefits you earned. And a solemn promise we've made.

He knows we can't forget that labor and the middle class built this country.

He knows we have an obligation to our veterans that extends for the rest of their lives.

And he knows that to get anything done, you have to work across the aisle. You have to find common ground. You can't treat compromise as a dirty word.

Folks, if you want change, you've got to show up. All the way through November 6 and beyond, I'll be showing up for leaders with character and integrity all around this country. People like Conor. If you're with me, then please give what you can and get on board.

In less than a week, on March 13th, I hope to be watching the people of Southwestern Pennsylvania proving to all these outside groups that spent millions to buy an election that their money was wasted.

The people of Pennsylvania's 18th district were always going to make this decision. The fat cats weren't.

It's time for change, folks. It's time for us to make it.

I'll see you out there.


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