Monday, December 26, 2016

Standing Strong

Dear DianeA,

A lot of folks are afraid of a Trump Presidency. As I've traveled across Virginia and the country thanking our supporters, I have heard it over and over: "You'll have our back, won't you Tim?"

This question reminds me of my days as a civil rights lawyer fighting long odds battles against housing discrimination. And that memory gives me extra energy every day.

I want to make progress, so of course I will always look for ways to move ahead with the new Trump administration on priorities that will help all Americans. But part of what we must do as Senate Democrats is stand strong for the values and people we care about.

So when they try to backtrack on equal rights, we'll be the firewall. When they try to take away people's healthcare, we'll be the firewall. When they try to weaken our efforts to slow climate change, we'll be the firewall. If they try to weaken public education or deport our neighbors, we'll be the firewall.

So I'm asking you DianeA, will you pledge to stand with Senate Democrats as we fight to protect and build on the progress we’ve made over the past eight years?

Thank you for fighting alongside us,

Tim Kaine
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