Wednesday, September 7, 2016

NeverTrumper Mark Levin: I'm gonna vote for Donald Trump

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NeverTrumper Mark Levin: I'm gonna vote for Donald Trump

image After once declaring he could never support Donald Trump as the Republican nominee, Mark Levin changed his mind with a big announcement on his radio program Tuesday.

Sicko Terrorist Lynne Stewart: Still Hating Cops

image Old age and illness have not dulled the tongue or treasonous soul of convicted jihad-enabling lawyer Lynne Stewart. She's as vile and violence-promoting as ever.

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The Alarming October 1st Event that Could Kill the US Dollar

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Outrage over Stimulus Plan to Surrender Your Savings to the Banks

Muslims Complain about Town's 9-11 Memorial

image A group of New York Muslims has taken offense at a small town's new memorial honoring those who died in the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks.

UK court sentences radical Islamic preacher to 5 1/2 years

image Anjem Choudary has been one of the best-known faces of radical Islam in Britain for years, leading groups under names including al-Muhajiroun, Islam4UK and Muslims Against Crusades.

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Stop Penalizing Obamacare Victims

image On Inauguration Day, the next president of the United States should suspend the penalty for being uninsured under the Affordable Care Act. President Obama promised his law would provide an array of affordable health plans. In 2017, consumers will get neither choice nor affordability. In nearly one-third of the nation, only one insurer will offer coverage -- that's no choice at all. And premiums are skyrocketing everywhere. Obamacare is broken.

Fearing the Uber of dentistry

image Five years ago, I started researching the delivery of children's dental care in the growing Medicaid dental space. I discovered a pioneering, cost-effective dental health care solution called "dental support organizations," or DSOs.

Chicago's Top Cop: It's not a police issue, it's a society issue

image After another violent holiday weekend, Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said Tuesday his department is doing all it can to combat violence rooted in "impoverished neighborhoods" where "people without hope do these kinds of things."

Hillary's Email Scandal Takes Down the FBI

image For months Americans wondered whether the FBI, led by Director James Comey, would take down the most corrupt woman in the history of American politics, Hillary Clinton. As it turns out, Hillary Clinton took down the FBI.

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