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7/24               Destruction of American National Security

8/13               Irish Festival (ATP booth)

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7/24               Destruction of American National Security

From Louisa VA Tea Party -              
Michael Del Rosso will give a presentation, July 24, 2016 2-5PM, about the growing threats to our way of life:
"The Deliberate Deconstruction of American National Security, Sovereignty, and Prosperity"
If you think America's existence, and your peace and prosperity, are guaranteed - think again. In this past century totalitarian forces in many incarnations have threatened America's existence. Unfortunately, this is still the case today.
Even worse, America is at a greater disadvantage than ever, because we are unable to, or unwilling to, identify our enemies, their doctrines and their objectives. More troublesome, Americans have steadily been losing the ability to define our own American doctrines and principles. We are ignoring Sun Tzu's 2600-year-old admonition to "know your enemies and know yourself" at our own peril.!
Michael Del Rosso will present a hard, factual look at America's enemies, foreign and domestic. He will examine how Administrations past and present have implemented deliberate policies to enable and support America's self-declared enemies such as al Qaeda, ISIS, and the Muslim Brotherhood Organization, have alienated and abandoned our allies, and have pandered to China and Russia who have strategic interests in direct conflict with America. Our political elites are loath to admit that the only reason why Iran and North Korea are emerging nuclear threats to America is because China and Russia want them to be.
The result is our enemies don't fear us, our allies don't trust us, and our Republic is in grave, imminent danger.
Michael Del Rosso - background
A Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), past Chairman of the IEEE-USA Critical Infrastructure Protection Committee (CIPC), a 2006 Lincoln Fellow at The Claremont Institute where he is presently Research Fellow in National Security Policy, Senior Fellow for Homeland and National Security at the Center for Security Policy
, and was a candidate for the 2016 VA 5th U.S. Congressional District Republican position. (Tom Garrett was the nominated Republican for the 2016 House of Representatives seat).   
Sunday, July 24, 2016 at 2:00pm
   Best Western Crossroads Inn                  
   135 Wood Ridge Terrace     Zion Crossroads, VA 22942     540-832-1700
I-64 Exit 136, north of I-64, opposite Lowe's and Walmart
RSVP TO << PREFERRED (or if need, 540-967-3616)
Event is non-partisan, free of charge and open to the public.
Sponsored by the Louisa VA Tea Party     
8/13               Irish Festival (ATP booth)

ATP will have a booth at the Irish Festival in Old Town where you can rub shoulders with fellow Tea Partiers and educate the public about our core values. An evite will soon go out to ATP members.


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  • Special 4th of July presentation reprinted at Fairfax Free Citizen and Bear Witness Central
  • "Outstanding article. Every parent of a HS aged child should require that child to write a report on it"
  • From Fairfax Free Citizen Editor: "Excellent series of articles on what it means to be an American. It's indeed refreshing to receive an articulate expression of the individual liberty and national identity that constitute America's heritage. Thank you, Alexandria Tea Party, for the bold jolt of straight talk that will help us confront the pernicious group identity mush that masquerades as intellectual insight in today's public square."

New on ATP's Facebook Page 
(several posts a week)
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  • Target of Subpoena to Climatista 'AGs United' - "F*** Off, Fascist" (new issue of The Truth)
  • Starwood Hotels gets in bed with Cuban military; Obama policy fuels oppression (new from The Discontenterati)
  • Liberal Lapdog Lois Lerner Wins Converts - For Our Side! (new conversion story in Rhetoric Central)
  • The Democrats' Long History of Voter Fraud in Nursing Homes (Special Report and Confrontation)

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