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4/27   Refugee Resettlement
4/28 Communicating Your Values   

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Trevor Loudon 'Enemies Within' Film Fundraising Appeal
Petition - Stop Internet Giveaway
Survey from German University

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4/27   Refugee Resettlement

From ACT for America Nova Chapter -
The American Refugee Resettlement Scam
Wednesday April 27, 2016 7-9 PM
Through meticulous research, James Simpson details the networks of radical leftist groups, foundations, and government agencies who are using refugee resettlement to "fundamentally transform" America.
In his book the 'Red-Green Axis' Jim describes groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, the Black Lives Matter movement, and a collection of communists, leftists, progressives and socialists. Groups whose sole unifying objective is to bring down the U.S. government.
This is an offensive to erase American laws, traditions and culture, and replace them with a pliable, multi-cultural society. A resettlement process of not just wealth, but population and land. This is social engineering, income redistribution, and population control on steriods. Mr. Simpson proceeds to show how this plan is being inexorably advanced by today's secretive and unaccountable federal refugee resettlement programs - operations that have brought nearly 2 million refugees to this country since September 11, 2001.
Some of the top U.S. and international liberal foundations are funding these resettlement efforts. The feds are paying resettlement contractors $1 billion annually in federal tax dollars to do the work. The costs to the American people in welfare benefits to refugees have been conservatively estimated at $10 billion per year.
What is especially disturbing is the money paid by the federal government to nine Voluntary Agencies called VOLAGs. Some of the largest recipients of federal dollars in 2014 were religious organizations such as:
CWS - Church World Service $45 million
ECDC - Ethiopian Community Development Council 14.8 million
HIAS - Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society $17.7 million
IRC - International Rescue Committee $92.3 million
LIRS - Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services $56 million
CC/USCCB - Catholic Charities/US Conf. of Catholic Bishops $551.3 million
USCRI - US Committee for Refugees/Immigrants $40.3 million
EMM - Episcopal Migration Ministeries WRI World Relief Inc. - $33.1 million
This is the "process of settlement" suicide by our own hands described in "The Explanatory Memorandum of the Group" - the Muslim Brotherhood found during an FBI raid on a Brotherhood house in Annandale, VA.
Through the efforts of Jim and others such as Ann Corcoran in MD who run the Refugee Resettlement Watch people are beginning to ask questions. The name for communities where people are beginning to ask questions are being called "pockets of resistance" by federal agencies.
As recently as Tuesday, the Tennessee General Assembly voted to sue the feds over the refugee resettlement.
Refugee and the topic of immigration is one of the largest issues facing our country. It is the main topic of all conversations during this election cycle. Come hear and learn what you need to know to engage others who need to know what is going on. Most important learn what you can do in your community as a citizen activist to help.
James Simpson is an investigative journalist, businessman and former economist and budget examiner for the White House Office of Management and Budget. Mr. Simpson's work is published at, American Thinker, Breitbart, Capital Research Center, Washington Times, WorldNet Daily and elsewhere. He is also featured in Curtis Bowers' award winning documentary Agenda: Grinding America Down.
ACT NOVA Members $10.-
Non-Members Welcome $15.-
One -Year Membership - Admission included - $25.-
Important Note: Attendance at ACT Nova events requires an RSVP in advance. First time prospective non-member attendees must receive an e-mail confirmation from ACT Nova indicating that seating will be available. In addition, a government-issued ID that matches your name on the confirmed attendee list must be presented at the door for admission. Audio or visual recording, without permission from ACT Nova, the event organizer and the speaker(s) is strictly prohibited. We are a private organization and all attendees are guests of the ACT Nova Chapter.
4/28 Communicating Your Values

From the Ronald Reagan Lecture Series -
Breaking the Sound of Silence -- through the free exchange of Ideas 
with Steven Sutton

Mr. Sutton has repeatedly been voted as the #1 presenter at the Leadership Institute's training courses.

Join us for an interactive forum with Mr. Sutton on how best to communicate conservative values persuasively with friends, neighbors, and political opponents using sinning arguments.  Sutton will draw on nearly 15 years of his own political and campaign  experience to offer the "Do's and Dont's" of political discourse.  Bring your questions to try to stump Mr. Sutton! and Expand your own political vocabulary.    
Overcome political correctness
    and take back the public square!
Free and open to the public.   
Thursday, April 28

7:30  - 9:00 PM    
Embassy Suites Dulles North
44610 Waxpool Road
Ashburn, VA 20147 
(1.5 miles West of Rt 28)
RSVP here or at EventBright
Trevor Loudon 'Enemies Within' Film Fundraising Appeal
Please take a look at 6 minute segment
from our upcoming film The Enemies Within Movie
This segment is only the tip of the iceberg of the infiltration of our government.

We are looking for
1,000 people to donate $100 or more
 Click the link below to DONATE NOW! 

Thanking you for your support! 


Trevor Loudon

PS. Please keep us in your prayers   
Petition - Stop Internet Giveaway

From Americans for Limited Government Foundation -

The U.S. is on the verge of giving up oversight of the Internet's domain name system, risking foreign powers like China or Russia attempting to gain control over the Internet and censor it. Fortunately, for the past two years, Congress has prohibited the Commerce Department from using any funds carry out any transition control of the Internet's domain name system functions to the private Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

More and petition at

Survey from German University

ATP Disclaimer - This survey looks legitimate but we did not exhaustively research it. If you have a concern, please let us know.

Dear activist,
I am part of a research team based at a German university which is looking at the different motivation patterns of political movements. The TP is interesting for us as a conservative, value-motivated group that has strongly resonated with substantial parts of society and has grown substantially in a relatively short period of time.
Thanks to conversations with several TP activists in the Sacramento area, we have meanwhile assembled a questionnaire for a survey. We would now like to broaden our sample by including Virginia as a state of central importance for the TP movement.
The aim of our study is to compare different political movements, in order to find out what the similarities and the differences are in terms of political motivation and activity, as part of basic research. We are also asking numerous questions about the perceived relationship to other societal groups, as these relationships seem to be for some political groups more relevant regarding political action than for other. (I have attached a pdf-file, in case you would like to have a look at that instead of the online version below.)
Would it be possible to forward the message below to TP supporters?
We are looking forward to the results of this study and would be happy to share them with you.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. (We could also arrange a phone or skype call, if preferred.)
Best regards,

 Dear Sir or Madam,
In the context of an international research project, we are surveying the motivations for becoming involved in politics. While there are numerous reports in the media about the Tea Party, we are interested in first-hand information from supporters of the Tea Party themselves. We want to learn more about what motivates citizens to become involved in politics and be willing to invest their time in the service of a higher cause. We are also interested in their positive as well as negative experiences and relationships with other groups in society. We would additionally like to investigate which political conditions are satisfying versus frustrating for citizens who want to have their voice heard.
We appreciate you taking the time to share your views on this important issue. Your responses will be kept completely anonymous and confidential.
As a thank you for your participation, one person can win $200, another three people can win $100, and ten people can win $50. All participants who complete the survey will be given the opportunity to participate in the lottery. Winners will be notified by email when data collection is completed.
If you see yourself as a supporter of the Tea Party and are interested in our survey, please go to this website:
You can contact us for questions or feedback at:
Dr. Christoph Schaefer, Kiel University, Olshausenstr. 40, D-24105 Kiel, Germany
01149 431 880 2488

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