Friday, February 26, 2016

prosecute Hillary


There are less than FOUR days until Super Tuesday votes are cast.

And I'm still $584,900 short for my SUPER TUESDAY VICTORY FUND.

I'm personally writing you today because it's more critical than ever that I have your immediate support.


Let me explain: I am the only candidate who's got a proven track record to contrast and prosecute the case against Hillary and her left-wing ideology.

Donald Trump can't prosecute the political case against Hillary Clinton because he has long supported the same policies on which she has based her campaign.

That's why -- in a one-on-one general election matchup -- Donald Trump doesn't stand a chance at defeating Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump can't take on Hillary because he is just like her -- a liberal New York elitist who supports the same policy priorities -- Obamacare, funding for Planned Parenthood, and Wall Street bailouts.

Robert the truth is, we can't risk another four years of failed Obama policies by nominating someone who would lose to Hillary Clinton in November.

Here's the good news: I'm leading all Republicans in Arkansas and Texas, and we are within striking distance of Trump (and ahead of the other candidates) in five more key March 1st, Super Tuesday states -- Alabama, Alaska, Georgia, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

That's why I need you to choose me:


I know it's a lot to ask for...but I also know it's the only way.

We can only win this by standing together.

Between Donald Trump, the liberal media, and the Washington Cartel, there is not one moment when two or all three are not savagely attacking me -- and by extension of our shared conservative values -- YOU.

I understand that money is tight and that you can't make up the whole shortfall, but can I count on you to make a special, one-time donation of $50, $35, or even $5?

The sacrifices I'm making for our campaign are steep, and I'm proud and even honored to be making them on your behalf.

I need you to make sure that our hard work and the hard work of all our dedicated volunteers is not wasted on March 1st.

For liberty,
Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz

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